Why Impact?

I contacted Impact Staffing when I noticed that they were always recruiting for experienced CNC Machinists and that is a large portion of our employees (approximately 150). When I met with their staffing team I was very impressed with their skills testing, especially their micrometer and caliper hands on testing. The average staffing service doesn’t really know what a machinist is. I keep a temporary pool of approximately 30 CNC Machinists from Impact as well as many other skilled positions. Their turnover has been extremely low because they know what we need and send the right person the first time! When I put this business out for bid, they were not the lowest rate but definitely the best value!

-HR Manager, Manufacturing Company

Why Impact?

Why should you use Impact Staffing to fill your manufacturing positions?

Our focus is entirely on staffing for manufacturing. This means that we are consistently recruiting the types of employees you need. Our workforce of machine operators, welders, engineers and administrative professionals with manufacturing experience are pre-screened, qualified and ready-to-work. We begin each search with the knowledge and tools necessary to find the right person. We know how to write effective advertisements, ask the right interview questions and run the proper assessments.

This knowledge comes from experience, but also from an active effort to educate ourselves. Each recruiter in our office is OSHA 10 certified. We visit our plants and warehouses on a regular basis, to learn more about the technology being used there and the types of skills needed for an employee to thrive in each position.

In addition, the partnership with Impact Staffing does not end when an employee is placed with your company. We strive to maintain relationships with our employers so we can better tailor our service to meet your needs. We know that each company is different and understand that a good partnership has to be flexible.

At Impact Staffing, we speak manufacturing and we operate with integrity. So, the question really is…why not?

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